Rainbow, Clouds & Balloons

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Buttercream cake with layers of rich moist pound cake and flavoured buttercream. Decorated with Rainbow & Clouds Cookie Toppers and fondant balloons. Color theme can be tailored to your preference.

** Please place order at least 7 days in advance for this design. 


Can be tailored to your preference


Available in 4”  5” & 6" rounds


Vanilla Bean 
A moist Madagascan vanilla bean cake with Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream

Salted Caramel 
Layers of rich moist caramel cake and homemade salted butter caramel cream

Strawberry Red Velvet 
A rich & velvety chocolate cake dyed red with strawberry buttercream

Raspberry Red Velvet 
Raspberry infused chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream

Double Chocolate 
Rich chocolate cake with layers of chocolate ganache fillings

Earl Grey Chocolate 
Whittard Earl Grey Tea Infused cake with layers of Chocolate Ganache

Strawberry Rose Tea 
Whittard English Rose Tea infused cake with strawberry buttercream

A moist Madagascan vanilla bean cake with Passionfruit buttercream

Japanese green tea Infused cake with layers of green tea buttercream


This cake comes with complimentary gold or silver celebration candles. Just request for it when you place order with us!