Sweets Package

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Sweets Package [36pcs]

For this petit four package, you may choose 12pcs of sweets from each category below. Minimum quantity of each type of sweets is 12pcs. 

Category 1 
- 12pcs Mini Cupcakes | 12pcs Madeleines | 12pcs Donut

Category 2 
- 12pcs Marshmallow Pops | 12pcs Chocolate Dipped Butter Cookies | 12pcs Chocolate Pyramids

Category 3 
- 12pcs Macarons |

12pcs Regular Cupcakes | 12pcs Canele



Colors can be tailored according to your wedding/party theme.

Package includes simple design Fondant Cookies, Cookie Pops and Regular Cupcakes only. Additional cost may apply to more complicated designs depending on the request.


For further details or discussion, please contact our team at weddings@dessertswithabow.com or whatsapp us on +852 92805068