Save the Date! [Summer Wedding Fiesta at Sky100 Exclusive]

Save the Date! [Summer Wedding Fiesta at Sky100 Exclusive]

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Exclusive for Summer Wedding Fiesta at Sky100 Couples on 9th July 2023

Secure the date with us at the event with $3000 Deposit payment to enjoy the following offers: 

Signature Cake Flavours including:


Vanilla Bean 

A moist Madagascan vanilla bean cake with Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream

Double Chocolate 
Rich chocolate cake with layers of chocolate ganache fillings 


Salted Caramel 
Layers of rich moist caramel cake and homemade salted butter caramel cream

Raspberry Red Velvet 
Raspberry infused chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream

Passionfruit Earl Grey
Earl Grey Tea infused cake with layers of passionfruit buttercream fillings

Strawberry Rose Tea
English Rose Tea infused cake with strawberry buttercream


Collection & Delivery
Delivery starts from $300 for Hong Kong / Kowloon, $350 for Island South etc. Please visit the link below for further details.