Cake & Bouquet - Valentine’s Day 2020

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Perfect matched Flower Bouquet and Buttercream Cake with selected fresh flower decoration.

Flower by “anot Studio”

  • Bouquet includes:
    Anthuriums, Delphiniums, Gladiolus, Roses…

    Medium - approx. 30cm diameter
    Large - approx. 45cm diameter (*Size as shown in the photos)

  • Vase Arrangement includes:
    Vanda, Delphiniums, Roses…

    20-25cm width

    The photos shown are the examples of size and style. We may substitute flowers in a similar style and color according to the seasonal availability.

Buttercream cake by “BOW artisan cakery”

White Color Cake with gold & red touches finishing in Strawberry & Whittard Rose Tea Flavour

  • Cake Flavour - Strawberry Rose Tea

    Whittard Rose Tea Infused Cake with layers of Strawberry buttercream fillings

  • Cake Size:

    4” round/ 1 lb | serves 4-6

This cake comes with complimentary gold or silver celebration candles. 

** Please place order at least 4 days in advance. 
This product is ONLY available during Vanlentine’s Day Period between 13-15 February 2020.