Special Notice - Novel Coronavirus Outbreak



Our team is dedicated to fight this Novel Coronavirus outbreak with you!

Our Kitchen & Studio
- We ensure our licensed kitchen is cleaned and disinfected regularly in order to meet food safety requirements.
- Pest control is performed on a regular basis.
- Air purifier is in used in our kitchen and our studio.

Our Staff
- We ensure our staff have not been to China for the past 14 days.
- All staff members are obligated to perform medical screening prior to their shift.
- Face mask and gloves must be used throughout their entire shift.

Collection & Consultation
- Our studio will be temporarily closed for collection and consultations until further notice in order to protect health and safety of our customers from the new virus.
- Delivery to door service will be arranged accordingly.
- Consultation and tasting session will be rescheduled to a later date.

We need your help to get through this critical time together!

Stay positive everyone!